All collars have a 1 1/2" back unless specifed. This is suitable for the average customer.
However, it is possible to request the following:

    a) 1 1/2" back with a semi-vanishing band (SVB) for a shorter neck.
    b) 1 3/4" back for fuller collars.

A 1/2" to 1" shrinkage allowance is added to all shirts in the neck, chest, abdomen, seat, sleeve, yoke and shirt length. Please advise the client that it will take laundering several times before the shirt shrinks completely depending on the method of laundering (dry cleaning vs. home laundering).
Eg. If a client is a size 16 1/2" – 34", their finished shirt will be 17" – 34 1/2".

Shirt Care

Educate the client about lengthening the life of their shirt through proper care. The optimal way to wash a shirt is by hand and then hang to dry. It’s understandable that some clients may not have the necessary time and must resort to using commercial dry cleaners. In this case, inform the client that they must request “no starch” on the collar and cuffs. The starch will cause the fusing to harden and deteriorate. For darker coloured shirts the client should request that the shirt be pressed inside-out or have the shirt pressed with a cloth over top of it to avoid shining on the collar and cuffs.

Problems & Returns

If there is a problem with the product you receive, we ask that you please call us immediately. We will do our best to quickly resolve all issues in order to minimize any inconvenience. All returns must have an RTV number clearly marked on the package otherwise it will not be accepted. The RTV number will be provided to you by Shirtfit Inc. Mistakes originating from our end will be corrected at our expense; otherwise full price applies.


  1. Use only styles which are available in the manual. Please use the correct style name.
  2. Always indicate alternative fabric choice. In the event that the client’s first choice is unavailable, we will promptly substitute with a second choice. This will eliminate the need to inconvenience the client with a call back.
  3. Clearly indicate when white collar and/or cuffs are required. E.g. Military (white) and/or 1S4 (white)
  4. For monograms, please be sure to indicate script style, location on the shirt and whether they want it in a contrast or same colour. Also, please be sure to indicate the initials, otherwise we will assume that they are the same as the laundry initials. Missing these simple details often causes delays.

Processing Orders

  1. Always fax order forms with completed Fax Cover Sheet summarizing the attached order(s). This will allow us to make sure we have received all orders you are sending.
  2. If an order has already been faxed and you wish to make changes, please do not re-fax the order. Send all details in a formal fax outlining PO#, customer name and required changes. This will help avoid duplication or orders. No changes to orders will be accepted verbally
  3. For repair orders, please fill an order form indicating details of repair, fabric #, customer name and, most importantly, PO#.


A four-week turnaround is required from the date the order is con rmed “ready for processing” (eg. all details clearly and properly marked). Holiday periods may cause delays and more time may be required for delivery.